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Replace hand torsion spring help needed...

Hi everyone and thanks in advance for any suggestion or advice!

I have an old S&W Bodyguard (blue/steel frame) that has just broken the hand torsion spring. No problem getting the sideplate off w/o damage, no problem removing he rebounding slide/trigger assembly, no problem finding parts at Numrich and ordering them.

Here is the problem: I don't have a pin punch small enough to drive out the pin that retains the broken hand torsion spring, and it looks like it's going to be a bear without some kind of jig. I am thinking about buying spring steel wire the same diameter as the pin and trying to use it as an improvised punch (maybe drive it into an improvised hardwood handle?), but that is a 'non optimal solution'. Any suggestions on where I can find such a tiny punch, or a better way to fix this beast? The spring itself is not a problem once I figure out how to (non destructively) remove the pin. FWIW, I could lathe down an existing punch or even fabricate a new torsion spring from stock if I had a lathe or could source the correct diameter of spring steel locally. But, all my shop tools are a memory and I am working with hand tools and improvisations while I (slowly) restock my kit.


Success! I was able to use the (very small) tip of a phillips head screwdriver to get the pin started. Once it started, it was easy to get it out the rest of the way with a paperclip. Now I just need to wait for the parts (or find a supplier of 21 gauge music wire in this area).

Again, thanks in advance for any help,

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Guitar string has always worked for me. It makes the finest of small torsion springs.

The wire guage is marked on the package and there are numerous wire sizes, not just 6, if you go to a larger guitar shop.
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Thanks Kynabob;

I will look around for a specialist music instruments shop locally. Back in my 'first gun period' I lived in a town with a strong machine tool industry and got a bit spoiled by the easy access to industrial goods (shim stock, music wire, bar and sheet stock, etc).

All the best,
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