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Mitch Rosen LCR holster review

This will be a very short review. My first review also...

I received my Mitch Rosen, Ruger stamped LCR (.357 mag) holster yesterday from I shopped for at least a month online before deciding on this ready made holster. I already have a custom IWB (previously used for a S&W 637 but really wanted a nice OWB with a tight med high ride for everyday carry (I wear a sport coat daily).

The Rosen was a bit more expensive than some other ready made holsters (others i considered were the Bianchi Black Widow and Bianchi Shadow) and quite a bit more expensive than some of the nylon offerings (which did not even make my long list of possibilities). I also looked at the silver dollar pancake from Simply Rugged and other custom order shops. I still see a silver dollar pancake in my future but it will be more an addition to my collection (intended to support a fine custom holster shop) than a necessary acquisition.

The Rosen holster is very well made with strong double stitching, perfectly formed and fitted to my LCR. The color is a classy burgundy and the Ruger stamp is a nice touch, especially to huge Ruger fans such as myself. THe pre-form includes a slight bend in the leather which causes it to hug the waist from the start (cheaper leather otw/otw holsters are often pressed straight as a board and are about as supple too).

sitting and riding in the car is not a problem and no discomfort was noticed in a variety of sitting and standing positions despite my average to above average 'overhang in the front and sides when sitting ).

the draw is near perfect already but will smooth out in time. It rides perfectly on the hip, not too high and not too low and as such is easily accessible in what i call my "reach for the wallet draw". Speaking of fit, the leather is cut perfectly so that it covers all the way to the top of the cylinder without any overhang. cheaper holsters often have a slight lip that can cause a "wedgie" effect on a fast or hard draw, a lifting of the pants that is a bit too 'noticeable' to be very desirable.

Despite the lack of cylinder overhang or a retention strap the holster's firearm retention is positive and confidence inspiring. I would feel comfortable doing a handstand (and no I will not take a picture of me performing this feat) even though it may not survive olympic style cartwheel/handspring combinations across the length of a mat without some firearm loosening or a possible drop.

Not much else to say. I would recommend this holster to anyone looking for a great value but high quality LCR OTB/OWB solution.
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I know this is a month or two late, but hey, I just joined up. Thanks for the review. I've been looking at those and can't make up my mind. I would really like to have a black one. I too am a Ruger fan and really like the emblem in the holster. I think that gives it one point even though it's not black.
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Thanks for the review, I ordered one a couple days ago. Sounds like I made good purchase.
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thanks. still loving mine after several months of regular use. no problems at all. stitches remain strong, leather is holding up perfectly. my recommendation remains unchanged.
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Have a bunch of leather from Mitch Rosen, from his shop directly not via Ruger. Each piece is a top-notch, great quality piece. Absolute first class stuff. Fit and finish are fantastic. Costs a bit more but quality doesn't come cheap. I'd much rather spend the $ on his stuff than some mass production assembly line fodder.
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