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I've seen occasions that I'd been glad to have Pappas Uberti loaded with any commonly available JSP 250-260 gr. Or heavier.
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Originally Posted by A/J/S/USNRet View Post
Sorry to hear of your loss Rockys Pop. Friends of that caliber are hard to come by. Hope he got more than the $ 666 the Government Settled on.
for quite a few years this guy was like a big brother to me.
he's been gone 20 yrs and I still think about him almost every day
the gov't screwed him all the way around.

he was assigned river pilot as a punishment for being the only survivor of a gun crew when the "big gun" blew up in the gulf
not only did they try to pin that on him, they stuck him in a "sticky rain" boat the rest of his tour.
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I didn't realize that the Navy tried to pin any of the blame on the Recalled GMG's, thought they were only called up to train the Young Recruits that had never served with those Old 16 inchers, and then it was back into the mothballs with GMG's.

Seems like all the Big Old Guns (including the 45 LC) got pretty rough treatment from the Government once the Rodent Rifle (and it's little Italian Pistol Partner) showed up for Military Duty. But both the 7.62 and 45 ACP have been making a comeback since we left the Jungle Canopy. JMHO.

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I have a lever gun and a wheel gun in .45 LC . I do not hunt . I do reload . I would feel OK using " standard " velocity ammo for self defense .

Should be as good or better than USGI Ball FMJ ammo the Uncle Sugar used for at least 3 wars .

My impression is , if shot with a .45 caliber bullet , a bad guy would have a tendency to leak rather severly ?

God bless
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Im using plain ole 250 gr LRN in my Uberti Hombre .45 Colt, it will get the job done just like it did the old west!
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