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Is this a gun site?

I removed it

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The minute you put a political, religious or worse a conspiracy section on any forum people come out of the woodwork. Just the way it is.
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We need an ammo section. Yes I've already suggested it.
How about a Commercial and Surplus Ammo section?

The Mini 14 section still gets the most traffic, btw.
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Originally Posted by AABEAR View Post
I thought I was getting on a gun site! But it has turned in to a site where there is more POLITICS tha gun or reloading. There should be a site jest for that. So we have jest guns and reloading.

The political and off topic forum sections are there to keep people on the site.

We need more member activity, more people on the site, and people staying on the site longer.
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Most of my gun related posts spark little interest.

...nuff said.
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Originally Posted by Win_94 View Post
Most of my gun related posts spark little interest.
tell them obama sold it to you for 3 hours of minimum wage work...
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