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Rcbs good quality

I found a person who is selling everything I need to start reloading plus a lot of extra for 450. Most of it is rcbs stuff and I was wondering if this is good quality stuff not looking for the best of everything just a starter kit. I saw some post on here about their customer service, which Is a plus, but I am more interested in the quality of their equipment. Can anyone provide some insight

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RCBS = some of the best you can buy.

The thing with RCBS reloading supplies, they have a lifetime warranty. If something breaks, call them up, get an RMA, and send it back.

I have not reloaded in years, but when I got started I bought a bunch of RCBS stuff from a guy I worked with. About 2 years later the 9mm resizer die started sticking. I called RCBS up, told them what was going on, and they sent me a brand new 9mm resizer die before I sent them the old die back.

With service like that, I see no reason to buy anything else.
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Yep, hard to beat RCBS. The only brand that might be considered better is Dillon, but they make only progressive presses for high volume loaders. I do own several Dillons. But RCBS is a great brand, and I use two RCBS presses all the time. Both are Rockchuckers.

Only precaution would be to try to get a Rockchucker if you want to load very much rifle. That is a slightly heavier press and it will last a lifetime. Most any press will work for pistol ammo.
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I agree 100% but what type of press and what accessories are with it? $450 seems a little high for a starter kit but not a bad price at all for a progressive press with all the extras.

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This is what they are selling I also thought it was a little bit high. It also includes some 243 bullets but I don't have a 243 or a 300. Does this sound like a good deal I think I could talk her down probably $50.

die set 300 WBY Mag 07
FL die set .243 Win 07
3B SP die set
McKillen & Heyer Inc. maximum case length gauge
2 wooden 64 count each loading trays
MTM Case card 150 loading trays
3 Twin -- 60 loading blocks trays
RCBS Precisioneered powder scales
RCBS powder trickler
RCBS case lube pad
RCBS JR2 loading press
VIBRA Tek polisher-cleaner
2 qt. bags red polishing sand
1 large primer pocket reamer
RCBS deburning tool
RCBS small primer plug and sleeve
case trimmer
RCBS 4 small decapping pins
RCBS 5 large decapping pins
Lyman Handbook 44th Edition
Sierra Reloading Manual
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Talk her down $50 and go for it.

Case trimmer, what, $30 or $40
Reloading manuals are not cheap
The RCBS parts should have a lifetime warranty on them.

The RCBS JR2 loading press does not look like it will work with a piggyback. If you want to use a piggyback, get a reloader special 5 or a rock chucker.

Overall, it looks like a good starter kit.

I do not see calipers listed, so you will need to pick a set of those up. I prefer the dial calipers. I had a pair of stainless steel lee for my calipers.

Get the kit, and get some calipers.

When you decide you want to make the jump to progressive, buy a reloader special 5, RCBS piggyback, and a uniflow charge thrower.
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RCBS has some of the best customer service in the universe, they attempt to make a lifetime customer with every interaction with the consumer, they will send you parts for free when you tell them you made a mistake, and it "broke", and they are not concerned if you bought the item new, or found it at a garage sale.
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