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Best Crimp Die For Autoloader Ammo

I'm not someone who is real big on Lee reloading products, but have to tell you, if you are not using their crimp die to crimp your ammo for autoloaders, you are missing out. The crimp with that die is far better than a crimp with any other factory die. This die crimps only, it's not a combo seating/crimp die.

The die has 4 fingers that you adjust for just the right amount of crimp by moving the die up or down in the die holder of the press.

It's as close to a factory crimp as you can get and once crimped properly, the bullet won't move when other rounds are shot in your autoloader.

You don't want to adjust it so that all four fingers touch, that is going to give you too much of a crimp. Excessive crimp will hurt the accuracy.

When buying one, do look at it first, I've seen several where the cutt in the fingers are not even, look for one with even cutts. That's one of the reaons I don't care for Lee, quality can be good or off a little.

Just my opinion, but when buying reloaing equipment, RCBS, Hornady, Dillon and a few others are the one's to get. They will outlast you if taken care of.

John K
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I use a Lee crimp die for all my 223 ammo since most of it is used in some kind of a semi auto. It does not take much of a crimp to keep the bullets in place and I have found no difference in accuracy, especially out of a Mini since MOA accuracy is not their claim to fame. It gives me peace of mind my bullets will stay together while in a high cap magazine. kwg

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John is absolutely correct, the LFCD is the best crimp die on the market.

Just to clarify, John is referring to the Lee Factory Crimp die for bottle necked rifle rounds. The Lee Factory Crimp die for straight walled pistol is a different animal, still a good product ,but not even close to the same design.
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Thanks, I should have included that info.

John K
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I use the lee factory crimp die on both my ar-10 and my .223. I find it to be easy to use and quick once set. Very easy to use effective and cheap. make it worth it to me.
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I use the LFCD on 223 243 25.06 270 30.06 and found them to do a very good job. All is less than 1IN at 100 yards.
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I use one in EVERY Cal that I crimp. Both pistol and rifle. They can not be beat.

WAIT........Are you saying you DON'T own a Glock?!!!!
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I have one for every cal I reload for .22hornet, .223,.30/30 .30/06 .45LC. they are worth the cost.
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Lee Precision responded to a question i asked about a Youtube video featuring products in development with Richard Lee (one of which was a combo rifle bullet seat/factory crimp). They said: "This summer we will be reconfiguring our PaceSetter and Deluxe 4 Die sets to better suit customer demands...stay tuned." I'm wondering if they're releasing it or maybe doing away with the crimp on the bullet seat die and relying on the Factory Crimp? They also said they'd be releasing a case trimmer/chamfer hand crank die featured on the video, "hopefully" next year.

this is all on Lee Precision's Facebook page if you want to watch the video and see their response. Unfortunately they shot down my idea for a double thick Charge Bar or a more stackable one...
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I load 9 Cal`s , 22 Hornet through 45~70 and All" are loaded with Lee Precision Die`s , with the exception of using Redding" micro meter bullet seating die`s in all my die set`s. And that" including`s using a Lee Factory Crimp Die" , for every set I own . I`ve owned every set of die`s ever made for these cal`s I load for , For over 45 years , and Lee" Precision Die`s are the Best " , Easyest" , to use , and set up , on the market , With the exception like I said.... I replaced the Lee" , bullet seating die in each set , with the Redding micro metering bullet seat die`s for CLOSE" precision bullet seating work " , because They are the Best" , I`ve found . I have spent a LOTA Money on die set`s through the years , and decided years ago to use Lee die`s in combination with the Redding" , Micro Meter bullet seating die`s listed above , which include`s both hand gun and rifle die`s set`s I use . This combination may not work well for some , but the`ve made a beliver out of Me" , a log time ago .
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