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Midsouth Shooters Supply Blem Bullet Sale !

Just wanted to give you all a heads up , Midsouth is running some great deals on blems again . They sell out in a day or two so ya might want to hurry . Vmaxes for 10 bucks a hundred , and SP Spires for 6.50 a hundred . Made a small order last time and was very pleased and was questioning why they were even considered blems . 1000 more , coming today Got some pistol lead coming too .


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thanks for the heads-up 67.
the Hornady VMax .310 shoots good in my M30 handloads, and here $8.60 C vs $12.50 @ graf's
this is a highly destructive bullet, very rapid exspansion.
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Q: How do you know they're Hornady V-Max? The ad doesn't specify; is it because of the polymer tip? Just askin'- if they're genuine Hornady, why not spell it out?

Q: What constitutes a "blem"? Seems that any irregularity in weight or shape would be unacceptable for precision shooting.

Just never heard of "seconds" for bullets, not knocking them, just trying to understand...
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Well that bit of info just cost me $174.
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Of the times I've seen blemished bullets online, they never say who made them. I bought some not long ago from Midway that look like Hornady sp and the only thing wrong with them is they have a tarnished finish. They actually shoot very good. From what I've read bullet makers scrap any that are "messed up". I believe that is typical of blems, still a good bullet, just doesn't look as pretty. Nosler sells seconds through an online site, and I've heard Sierra sells seconds by the pound at their factory. Looking at the pictures they look like Hornady because of the red tip, Nosler has yellow tip on the 223 cal, and Sierra has green. Thanks for the heads up 67chev!

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Just received my order last night. The "poly tips" I received look just like the Hornady vmax I already had. Slightly tarnished but a great deal, wish I had ordered more. They still have some left but their selection is running out quickly.
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I just got my .30 and 9MM. The only blemish is the tarnish and that doesn't matter after it hits the target
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