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New idea to improve the Har-Bar's versatility.

Okay, not really an improvement of the design itself, but a really great idea I had.

The end plug, right?
Rather than another bracket for lasers...put the laser IN the end plug! Screws right in and out, mount the battery on a side bracket if need be.
I dunno, I just figure it would be more "in line".

By the way, if you want, I have a spare laser around, I can mount it myself and give it a shot. With a spare laser, some JB Weld, and a new bolt (so I don't ruin the one you sent me)...
..what's the diameter and threading of the end plug by the way?

I'd love to test this out.
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Hello Saturn9
The screw in plug replacement laser has been a thought from the beginning, and is a viable idea. I just found it to be unnecessary as the presant application puts the laser beam closer to the barrel bore.
My patent discription, and drawings show an internal laser in place of the end plug [a simular idea to the guide rod lasers that are available for some auto pistols]. That would'nt add any length to the rod, and would be less likely to sustaine any blunt trama damage. Plus I think it would just would look better
I,ll have to contact my manufacturer for the thread size. I;ll get you that info when I get it if you still want to experiment with it. More power to you . Keep on thinking Saturn9. I always appreciate suggestions.
Roger [Rogco].
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