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Accurize - Accessorize your mini-14

Accurize - accessorize your mini-14.
As I have stated in other posts the basic Har-Bar will tighten up your down range groups. What more could any mini-14 owner want? Well this one [me] just had to have more. Why you may ask? Because I could.
I started with the addition of a laser aimer clamped to the bar below the barrel. I loved it. I could positioned it in what ever position I wanted to, as it could be rotated from one side of the barrel down and under and back up to the other side of the barrel. Why? Choice of positioning. Once satisfied with the position. Tighten it and it stays put.
The laser turned out so well I had to have more. The flash light was the obvious [to me] next choice. so I made it happen. the same positioning as the laser applys to this accessory. What else? There is still room on the bar. A "Bipod" would be so great. I would be attached to the action so I could change stocks, and it would be right there for me still ready to go. So I prototyped the bipod bushing for an inexpensive bipod. It worked better than I had hoped for. How? Well it is variable depending on how tight it's tightened. Once put on to the bar it allows you to aim slightly to the left or right. I really liked this addition.
At this time the bushing adapter is still only a prototype, and wont be invested in untill some interest in it makes it viable, as a considerable investment into this venture has depleated available funds.
Check it out at

Happy shooting is hitting your intended target. Rogco.

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