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U.S.A. ammo

I recently purchased 1000 rounds of U.S.A. ammo, 500 rounds of 9mm. hollowpoints, 250 rounds of 45 acp hollowpoints and 250 rounds of .223 55gr. Vmax all newly manufactured ammo, these are my impressions so far.
The phone order was easy, the person manning the phone was helpful and competent. I received an email when the order shipped which included the details of the order. Seven days later the ammo was delievered (we have had bad weather at both our locations during this time) The outer packaging was heavy, both stapled and straping tape and was a chore to open, any tampering would have been easily observed.The ammo was bulk packed in 50 round boxes, these are not so sturdy and several were starting to split. I won't plan on travelling with these boxes only, will use an ammo can of some sort.
The first box I opened was the 9mm. FMJ reloads that they included free with my order. I counted them and there were 50 in the box, the brass was clean and good looking, not brightly shined but in good condition. the bullets show very minor imperfections, nothing that concerns me.
The second box opened was the new 9mm. hollowpoints. The box contained 50 loose rounds. Brass looked the same as the reloads, clean but not shiny, bullets had some tiny marks, probably just from the bulk packaging. The bullet profile is very similar to FMJ, the box says XTP but they are different than my old Cor-Bon XTPs. The U.S.A. rounds are shorter than the Cor-Bon and the Hydrashok and the case has no crimp? (hope that's right, not a handloader)They are very close in length to the Cor-Bon, will have to see how they feed.
Next the 45acp hollowpoints. Once again the box count matched the 50 on the box. The brass was shiny on these, the bullets showed the same faint marks as the 9mm. and the bullets matched my old XTP exactly. No crimp om these rounds either.
Last is the .223 V max. Box count matched box label, at this point I'm through counting and will take the label at face value from now on. Brass is brown at the neck down past the shoulder and one of the three randomly chosen rounds in front of me has a small ding at the bottom bend in the case. Case turns brass colored about a third of the way down but has darks spots through out. The rebated rim is smooth and round and the primer appears well seated and flush. The bullets on the .223 don't seem to scuff as much from the bulk packaging, maybe a harder jacket? The tips appear perfect.
Something I forgot in the pistol rounds, all of the rims and primers were straight in those calibers also, now all that's left is the important part. How do they feed, how do they shoot?
four more years.....groan.
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