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Clipdraw Tape: >8 month life expectancy

The clip comes with six strips of tape. I've now found that the life-span of one strip is at least 8 months.

I say at least for several reasons. If I'm dressed, I'm carrying. Over the past 8 months, I've been doing a lot of renovation on my house, moving in odd ways (bending, climbing up and down ladders, etc.) without the benefit of climate control (windows open for ventilation), during the height of summer and the depth of winter, sweating like a pig either way (in winter, because of being bundled up).

The failure is not catastrophic . . . it's just started to come loose, and still holds. I'm tempted to keep wearing it in the house to see how much longer until complete failure.

The Clip holds cant well, though of course not as solidly as an IWB holster would (I adjust it slightly maybe 2-3 times a day, but the ease of adjustment also is a plus when sitting in a car). Mileage may vary depending on build, placement on belt, etc.

I was worried it seemed a bit gimmicky (like an infomercial, they have video of torture tests on the tape and it even costs $19.95 ), but it has turned out quite well for me. It has allowed me to carry a full-size pistol without the added thickness and weight a holster necessitates.

At this rate, the six strips should last me at least 4 years, and I can get another set of 6 for $3.
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