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ClipDraw Tape Life Estimate - FYI

The ClipDraw comes with six pieces of tape. I've just worn out my first one after a little more than 8 months of carry. That means that for $20, the tapes should last at least 4 years. You can buy another 6 tapes for $3.

Now keep in mind, I say "at least" 4 years for a few reasons. If I'm dressed, I'm carrying, and I spend a lot of time outdoors, or indoors with windows open/no climate control. Thus, that eight months included the height of summer and the depth of winter. Also, I've done a lot of renovation work on my house the past year, the dirty kind that also includes lots of bending and ladder climbing . . . not to mention sweating like a pig.

BTW, the wear-out was not catastrophic. It just started to separate a bit, and is still holding on. In other words, plenty of warning before it gives out. I'm tempted to keep wearing it around the house to see how much longer before it just dies.

The clip does not hold the cant perfectly like an IWB holster, but I rarely have to adjust (YMMV based upon build and where you carry . . . I may just be lucky). At least for my preferences, the slightly lesser stability is well worth the ability to conceal a full-size sidearm that I don't feel is as well concealed with the extra width of a traditional IWB holster.
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