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Armalite 15A4

Any experience with this rifle? Scottsdale Gun Club is selling a used one for $ 725. I expect to shoot at distances ranging fromn 100 yds to 500 yds, The salesman suggested changing the upper receiver for $ 225 including labor so I can add a scope. He added that I should expect to pay $ 700 for a good scope that can deal with my shooting habits. Any comments are welcome.
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What information are you looking for? I have had good experience with mine with the caveat that mine doesn't like Wolf - or at least it didn't like the only batch of Wolf I tried in it. At the 7th round I had a stuck case; I sent the ammo back for a refund. My reloads and the brass cased stuff have posed no problem. If mine is a good barometer accuracy is acceptable but not up to match requirements.

Eta: Oops, I should read twice and post once; mine is an M4 model.
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