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Thumbs down Specter Gear ---sucks

I ordered their close combat sling and butt stock ammo pouch for my Mini-14. I ordered on 12/11, I received my invoice for my order that night. Fast forward to last Friday. I never received word my order shipped or any word as to what was going on. So I called, about 8 times till I talked to someone. She said she DIDN'T KNOW when a production run was going to happen. I was taken back by the lack of communication. She had to ask her "production manger" on when my order was going to ship. I asked to have a email sent to me on when the ETA of my order was going to ship by Friday or this Monday. I sent a follow up email yesterday. I received nothing.

I going to call tomorrow at work, if I don't get a date when I am on the phone I am canceling my order. I feel like their website is a scam and I maybe writing the BBB on this one. I work in supply chain for fortune 500 company. A company cannot run like that with business model such as theirs. There for it must be a scam.

Do not buy from them...if you want something in a timely manner or like communication.
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I have several pieces of their gear and have never had any issues with them or their service. Of course I've never had a problem with Botach either but it seems that lots of people have. I guess I've just gotten lucky.
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I called again today, it literally took 8 calls and I received verbatim the same response. I went with my gut and asked for a complete refund. Joceyln or whatever it is, sent me a email response verbatim what I was told on the phone...

I just think it's a cheesy/almost scammish way to do business. We took your money and your order is not important to us.
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UPDATE 12/27

I found a website called opticsplanet.com, I noticed that they were a certified dealer of Specter Gear. I researched the company and found it was a niche for this type of thing. I also found a 5% coupon online and they offered free UPS shipping.

I placed my order on the 23rd and it shows it DROPPED SHIP from Specter Gear the same day.

This was the same exact order as I placed directly on Specter Gear. Optics Plant was $10 cheaper out the door and to mine then the actual company. That's not very flattering for Specter Gear.
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I orderd straight from them a few months ago with no problem, got my sling quickly. (oh and I love it!)
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Optics planet is alright, but watch out for the similarly named site Optics Sale. I placed an order on a Mini 14 Butler Creek stock on the 9th of the month and they showed it as shipped. After 10 days of the stock not showing, I got suspicious and called them. They said they didn't know the stock was out of stock and would resend the order. They took my money and didn't bother telling me even after 10 days it was out of stock. They finally "resent" the order on the 23rd, but their entire business is a scam.

Optics planet has been good in the past for me tho, ordered some night vision from them and was pleased.
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