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My picks are Break-Free for action parts and CorrosionX
as a bore cleaner! Works great wether Blued or Stainless!
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Thanks for the post. I am a old Hoppes #9 and oil guy. Recently started using also mostly for copper the Hoppes BenchRest in the darker bottle. I think it cleans copper bore problems better than #9, but can't prove it. I have used JB paste and going to try wipe out. What do you know about BenchRest?? Jim Noeller
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I will agree on corrosionX and Ballistol, and gunslick foaming bore cleaner haven't had a lot of use with the others, though.

CorrosionX is the BEST corrosion inhibitor oil and up near the top for lubrication, that I have used. All of my smokeless burners get it. My 10/22 has a homemade extended mag release, that I made by drilling out the factory release and epoxying in a dowel pin. I forgot to oil it once and it had light surface rust, but the corrosionX film that was on the pin allowed me to wipe away the rust with a cloth with more corrosionX, looks brand new again. I try to remember to wipe it off any time i touch it, should cold blue it one of these days!

Ballistol I use primarily for my Remington (copy) 1858 .44cal blackpowder revolver. Great oil to keep blackpowder arms clean. I have also used it on my grandfathers winchester 62 pump .22lr, which he had the barrel so plugged up with residue from CCI shotshells I coulnt get a rod through without a hammer (i was as careful as I could be too). I plugged one end of the barrel, filled it with ballistol and let sit for 30 mins. The crap that came out was amazing! Brushed the bore and repeated the filling process once more, then lots of brushing and patches and it was shiny as can be...

The gunslick foaming bore cleaner i use on my little kel-tec 9mm pistol. Does what I need it to: removes copper.

I also really really like the Gunslick graphite grease. It slicks up actions and pivot points (O/U shotguns!) real well. It does not, however, work on my 1911 that is fairly tight fitting and I shoot light target loads...

good write ups though! keep them coming!
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Could someone share their experience with Eezox ? I've just started using this stuff, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing with it, or could be using it for. But I do love the smell !
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I have tried them all and now I only use one in my B.O.B. Breakfree CLP works on all my guns, rifles and pistols and it won't freeze (first thing I do to test a new cleaner is throw some in the freezer, most freeze and that means water is part of the solvent.

Breakfree CLP works with lead, copper and most of the high tin content bullets made. It doesn't harm you or the gun. It is the only one that does everything.

However, in my house (basement gun room) I do use Hoppes and a couple others for breaking down heavey buildup when I use pure lead bullets, especially after 500 rounds throught the 10/22.

Breakfree CLP gets 5 stars across the board because it does what it says it will do and doesn't harm you or anyone else...that is called truth in advertising.
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How about Strike hold CLP?
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