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Anybody following this

Missouri Legislature Nullifies All Federal Gun Control

Missouri Legislature Nullifies All Federal Gun Control Measures by a Veto-Proof Majority ? Tenth Amendment Center Blog
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Originally Posted by Jeff F View Post
Dangit, now I'm going to have to start looking for a job in Missouri!

Kansas' act was limited to guns produced in-house, but this is just the ticket. Next up, let's see if we can get some state issued currency that's backed by silver or gold. Then let the citizens decide if they prefer bernanke bucks or actual silver or gold certificates!

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Here in Idaho, HB229 is doing something similar, but I think it needs more teeth, and to be much stronger in what it does.

However, there is much to be said for how it's written now.

It says that the Feds can't do jack about stuff made and sold in Idaho.

But it leaves much open to interpretation. What is "made in Idaho" for example?

If I buy the parts, and assemble them in Idaho, I think it's made here, and if I stamp/engrave "MADE IN IDAHO" on that part/Weapon, it's absolutely made here.

Same goes with ammo. If I buy a container/spam can of surplus ammo from China, open them up, and "Make" them in Idaho, by checking the ammo for defects, and making it into new boxes here to be sold here, It's MADE IN IDAHO.

And we can get containers shipped to Lewiston, ID up the Columbia, question is, will the BATFE intercept the raw materials I'd be buying from China so that I can make them in Idaho?

If there is no problems, might be cheaper to ship the containers of raw materials by train after they are dropped off in port somewhere along the Pacific coast.

And I'm totally looking forward to being able to buy a suppressor for every weapon I own, made and used in Idaho, and no FED nonsense to deal with anymore!

Love it.
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This has been in the works since the state house first met in January. We've got a dem Gov but veto-proof gop majorities in the state house and senate, a good situation to be in.

I'm guessing the Gov will just let it sit and become law, if he vetoes it all he does is lose the dems votes.
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Sounds to good to be true!
I guess we'll have to wait and see?
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The coincidence of the historical trajectories of firearms and drugs laws in this country is fascinating to observe.
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The Texas Second Amendment bill passed one house and is working its way through the other.

It nullifies all federal gun control that is in conflict with our state laws.
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