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OD Cop Crashes Motorcycle Into Little Girl Then Kills Her Enraged Dad

Off-Duty Cop Crashes Motorcycle Into Little Girl Then Kills Her Enraged Dad | CafeMom Articles

So I posted this because it draws parallels to the Zimmerman case. The Cop was justified in killing this man, although if it were my kid that was laying in the road, I might strike the motorcyclist too. Many of us can sympathize with the father and understand the horror of seeing your child possibly motionless or severely injured. But he paid the price of attacking a stranger, warranted or not.

The difference is that this story won't make the national news, and won't receive the attention of civil rights groups, political groups, and won't draw any outrage. This is how the Trayvon Martin shooting should have went down too. One man attacks other (for whatever reason, justified or not) and the other shoots him in self defense. Zimmerman won't receive the benefit of the doubt that this cop most certainly will. Pretty straight forward...
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Life sucks, and then you die.

That's reality, and anyone who says different is selling you something.

I worked a claim on the fringes, where the Father of the dead kids killed the drunk guy who hit and killed them.

I believe he was put into prison for a very long time.

The drunk guy's death did not bring back his daughters, but I bet it felt good for that guy at the time to crush the life out of the asshole who just killed your kids.

Moral is: No easy ways through this life. You take what it hands you, and make the most of it.

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Very tragic. The big question is where was Daddy when the child ran out in the street? Probably head down looking at a text message or on his face book page.

And like the Trayvon case, as soon as the thug Daddy and the cousin assaulted the cop, everything changed. Now they will cry for justice! But what of the police officer's rights? My guess is the officer was white. The deceased is black(confirmed) ..and a gun was involved. Surprised the sensationalism hasn't started already.
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