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Thumbs down Media still pushing race card in trayvon Martin shooting

lately my roommate hasnt been watching MSNBC as much as before, so I dont have to hear it whenever I walk down the hall, but tonight she had it on, and as usual it only takes a few seconds of listening to them to hear a lie, a distortion, a contradiction, lots of double standards, fear mongering, and of course, race baiting!

Literally within seconds of getting within ear shot of that vile media outlet, I hear them say "well, the Trayvon Martin case shows us that racial profiling is alive and well in America"! Not only is it race baiting, and has even been dis-proven by the Obama FBI, but they are once again trying to paint America with a broad brush of racial profiling based on 1 incident, and a dishonest incident at that!

To many libs, any time you arrest even a known criminal who happens to be either black or Latino(but only black or latino), then its "racial profiling". If a cop stops an illegal immigrant for breaking the law and asks for ID, thats racial profiling.

Never mind the fact that when looking into crimes of the Italian mafia or Asian mafias, and the police stop people who "fit the profile" by being Asian or Italian, the left never complain about that. I guess those 2 races are close enough to white that they dont care!
We want the truth about Benghazi, not a cover-up!
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