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An "outsourcing" question.

With all the fuss about whether or not Mitt Romney "outsourced" work, I ended up asking myself a question.

Why is everyone asking if his company outsourced jobs while he was the decision maker, and not asking who is making the policies/laws that force companies to outsource, to be competitive?
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Because the libs are desperate. And there's a shortage of straws to grasp.
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How come they never blamed Ralph Lauren for outsourcing jobs? Instead they blamed those who purchased the products.
Michelle Malkin Ľ Will Harry Reid also demand the Dems burn Ralph Laurenís campaign donations?
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Lets not forget about GM. How many jobs have they "outsourced"?
And how much of GM is owned by the American taxpayer?
And more importantly...WHY do they outsource?
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Outsourceing jobs, why pay a union worker $35.00 an hour when you can pay $2.00 an hour in China to do the same work? Its all about the bottem line, its all about money.
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Funny that Obama's best buddy, and business man he points to most, Jeff at GE has been a SERIOUS outsourcer of high paying, blue and white collar jobs in this nation for as long as Barack has been in politics or more.

Yet, nobody in the media other than Bill O has pointed that out.

Time for a good ad campaign, using facts, to show that Romney's few jobs sent overseas is a drop in the ocean of jobs that just GE, Obama's buddy, has sent/destroyed overseas.

The truth is sunlight the Dem's can't stand to be in folks.
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