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Kenyan thief Pledge: I Will Raise Taxes on the Rich

Time to CRACK DOWN on the hard working men and women of america and punish them for the """governments""" failures and criminal activities.

Fake potus
Barack Obama will veto any congressional legislation that extends Bush-era tax cuts to wealthier Americans, the White House made clear on Monday.

"He would not support it. He would not sign that bill," White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters when asked whether Obama would veto any bill passed by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives that keeps tax cuts in place across-the-board for all income levels.

Carney spoke after Obama called for a one-year extension of the Bush-era cuts for families earning less than $250,000 a year, seeking to put Republicans on the defensive and reinforce his re-election campaign mantra of being a middle-class champion.
Obama Pledge: I Will Raise Taxes on the Rich
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As usual, our Comrade-in-Chief wants to punish personal success.
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Marx would approve.
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We keep hearing about the "do nothing congress", you know the one that keeps sending bill after bill to the "Do Nothing Senate" that we never hear anything about, where Harry and company stall the bill till it dies. And a "Do Nothing President" , that we never hear about, who does everything he can to block anything thats not a complete democrat crafted bill. Ironically you always hear him also clammering about how we need bipartisanship. Just not Bi-Partisan to his partys agenda dontcha know...
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Refusing to extend a policy that was scheduled to expire is not 'raising' taxes any more than not increasing funding to a program is a 'cut'. Stop liberal spinning it.
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I guess the Mongrel in Chief is thinking if all his peeps ( well half anyway ) cant be rich then we're all gonna be in government housing sittin round waiting on our checks and ebt cards and doing what King Mongrel says do.
United We Stand.. Divided We Fall.. Into the pits of socialism
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