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The sh_t finally floats to the surface!

Hey free;Here's your leader..........Barack Obama: The First Gay President? : Personal Liberty Alerts
I will stand with the "crackers"should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.
...Just take the shot...
Don't bother me-I'm reloading!
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i heard this on a christian station the other day, to be honest, can't say i am really shocked... the more we find out about this man the worse it gets, if this man gets elected again, i can not say i will still be living in this country
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Its going to be like bill clinton and nafta.

After obama gets reelected, he will go back to business as usual.
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What? He's not the happy family man he's constructed to be?

What a non-shocker.

Obama has been carefully crafted for the public since the day he was introduced to politics.

I don't believe anything the media reports on him period. His past associations make him a terrible choice for POTUS, and nothing has changed since 2008 on that front, as his term has been a disaster for the USA economically, socially and politically.
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