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Exclamation Obama fed gov't allowing illegal alien killers to "self deport!" No charges!

I just heard this 5 minutes ago being talked about on Jeanine Pirro's legal show on Fox, and she had 3 guests including a Latino illegal immigrant supporter and a white guy who also seemed to support or excuse illegal immigration.

Anyway, this is about a woman from Guatemala named Bianca Contreras. This lady who lived in Waltham Mass., illegally, was driving a car, illegally, when she hit and killed a local disabled man and killed him(Scott Coxall, 39)!

Now, if any of us did this, especially if our driver's license was suspended or revoked, or we didnt have a license, we'd be charged with all sorts of crimes, including vehicular manslaughter. I know a guy who I used to work with 21 years ago, who just got out of prison after 4 years for vehicular homicide.

Well, not only dont the Liberal Democrats in the federal government believe that criminal illegal aliens should be deported, even though federal law demands it, they also apparently dont think that illegal immigrant murderers should even be charged with a crime!

This lady not only hit and killed this poor guy, she then ran from the scene(hit and run, another felony), and yet the liberals still dont think she should be charged!

So she was apparently picked up by the police initially, put in jail, where she actually came up with the $50,000 bail, bail which she shouldve never been allowed, but then given over to a liberal federal judge who decided she should be allowed to "self deport" and not be charged!

Fortunately, a local prosecutor found out about this, and challenged it, so now she has a hearing on Monday where he will try and make sure she is charged with all the crimes she should be charged with.

But again, the Liberal judges might just disagree, and let her go!

Supposedly this liberal judge thought that "we dont have the money to charge her and en prison her".

Isnt it's amazing how liberals think that we DO have the money to support millions of illegal immigrants, and we DO have the money to create more government programs for illegals, and we DO have the money to send millions of Americans to spanish language programs to learn spanish so that the illegal immigrant community doesnt have to learn to speak OUR language, but they think we DONT have the money to charge a murderer who happens to be an illegal immigrant!!!!

Anyone who thinks the Democrats actually care about the "little guy", is completely misguided, because there isnt a better example of a little guy than a mentally disabled American! But they couldnt care less about him, and this proves it!

Where are the liberals in the mainstream media in all this? They sure as hell arent reporting it! So obviously these "all caring liberals" really couldnt care less! All they really care about is making illegal immigrants happy so that they vote for Dems once given citizenship or amnesty!

There is a reason they are called "political ideologs", and this is it!^^
We want the truth about Benghazi, not a cover-up!
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She should be deported but only after she does a stretch in prison first. What the hell is going on in this country? I hope that prosecutor gets her charged.
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Were they being deported any faster during the Bush years (pick a Bush, any Bush)? Has there been any shift in policy?
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Originally Posted by Mosinka View Post
Were they being deported any faster during the Bush years (pick a Bush, any Bush)? Has there been any shift in policy?

Yeah, actually there has been a shift, Bush increased border security spending by 300% , he doubled the number of border security agents, and he started building a fence. He also did some workplace raids to deport illegals.

All that has changed under Obama. First, Obama stopped the fence from being built. He has cut back on border agents and spending, he has cut back workplace enforcement by about 98%. He spent billions getting free internet and new computers into deportation center for illegals, free long distance calling, new fruit vegetable and juice bars installed. He has changed the laws and now he is giving free, taxpayer funded 100% health insurance coverage to illegals under Medicaid.

Thats just a few thing Obama and the Dems have done to encourage more illegal immigration!
We want the truth about Benghazi, not a cover-up!
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Simple solution.

First, this lady is illegal. She has no business being here period.

Take her out, and shoot her in the head.

End of problem.

If you want, send the body/corpse to wherever she was from, but personally, I'd just donate it to the local animal shelter, they always need donations to keep the strays fed.

Harsh? Heck ya it's harsh, but guess what?

You guys just see the tip of the iceberg in the news, I've spent 16 years in the insurance side of things, watching thousands of claims personally where citizens of this nation are screwed over by illegals who live and drive here, often as noted, with little punishment for breaking laws that would put CITIZENS in jail, or cost them thousands of dollars in fines...

But if you are illegal? No problem if you agree to just leave/self deport. Oh, did not have insurance, and you killed a father of 4, and left his wife destitute? NO big deal, just leave, and you owe nothing to that family you just destroyed because you failed to have any insurance, and you are here as a criminal, illegally.

I say take em out and shoot em in the head when this crap happens. (Manslaughter, or other crimes when Illegals kill a citizen, they die, end of story.)

It's not like they have a legal leg to stand on folks. They are there ILLEGALLY to start with.
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Wait a minute. This is a failure of the judicial branch, not the executive branch or the legislative branch.

We all know that each branch has its quirks, but I don't see how generalizing it as liberalism is going to help. What the legislative branch NEEDS to do is to create new laws for illegal immigrants, as well as legal immigrants. They need to be held to the same standards as citizens.

For whatever reason, the judge used his discretion to allow self deportation. I can't really say that's liberalism. To me that seems more like a loophole. But lawmakers are More-Than-Welcome to close that loophole.

Then the judge would have to follow the law.
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