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Tennessee Evolution Bill Becomes Law

I do not understand what the big deal is with this law?

Tennessee Evolution Bill Becomes Law After Governor Bill Haslam Declines To Act

A Tennessee bill meant to protect teachers who allow students to question and criticize "controversial" subjects such as evolution and climate change became law on Tuesday after Gov. Bill Haslam (R) declined to act.
Why should schools be allowed to force feed students information? Isn't the purpose of schools to foster the ability of free and abstract thought?

When a scientist publishes a study, other scientist are free to criticize the results of the study. So why aren't students allowed the same freedoms?

Why is there a fear of students asking questions?

The answer to me anyway, is that the education system does not want students asking questions. The education system as a whole wants to be able to force feed students information, and the students not have the ability to question anything.

Since we are always learning and new information is being discovered, should anything be taught in schools? Besides math that is.

For example - science barely understands how viruses like HIV work, so should schools teach students about HIV?

Science is still discovering new forms of pre-humans. Since we do not have a clear picture of evolution, should evolution be taught in school?

Shouldn't students be allowed to question what science perceives as "fact"?

Look at what happened with the discovery of java man. The scientific community rejected java man for 20+ years?

If the scientific community can reject discoveries, why shouldn't students be allowed to question current theories?
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Totally agree.
The myth that scientist are totally objective is a myth. My grandson, in
6th grade IQ 140+, kindly disagreed openly that Darwin was wrong. He was immediately sent to the principals office for discipline. This was in a northern CA elementary school. Whether or not you agree with evolution, this teacher's method was wrong.
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