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More "hope" for american taxpayers from "EL DOUCHE"

Obama Requests $770 Million to Fight Global Warming Overseas |

You just can't fix stupid!
I will stand with the "crackers"should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.
...Just take the shot...
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Sure, let's spend an additional 3/4 of a billion dollars abroad, fixing a problem that Obama's own folks admit may or may not actually be a problem!

That's like me paying to replace the engine in my neighbor's new car because it MIGHT leave her stranded.

Obama's next "big thing":
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Unbelievable, words fail me.

American voter.
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"el douche" can't be voted out of office soon enough folks.

I'm interested to see what "executive orders" he signs into law just prior to his exit of the office.

Clinton did many that today, still remain, and should have been revoked en masse, by George W. on day one. (I for one American, was very unhappy to find out that Bush W. not only did nothing on this, but did not care it appears.)

Wilderness areas? Hello, that's land of zero use for anyone. (And it has not gone over well, in all these years, nearly two decades later, the fences, gates and other "changes" the leftists/ecofreaks try to do get pulled down, ripped out and destroyed on a regular basis by average citizens who are ignored by the Federal government, but have to deal with the local Feds on a day to day basis.)
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