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Minority Report

When Barry really really wants something done right who does he call? 707 (that's laugh out loud (LOL) upside down for you non readers of "Genghis" Wong of "Iron Horse" fame)

Minority Report | Washington Free Beacon
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The grand wizard of hate doesn't like to so many white people.

Diversity is liberal code for anti-white.

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Anyone who says he can see through women is missing a lot.
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The Left will no doubt chalk up the "extreme" unemployment rates among blacks to racism in the business community.

Never mind the in-bred (not inbred...) entitlement mindset and government-subsidized laziness that has leached into society as a whole (not just blacks), it's the CAPITALIST PIGS!!!!111
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There's a room full of "White Guilt" if ever there was one.

And what's with the younger folks these days? Are they this stupid to support Obama as they fill their tanks with 5.00 gas, and try and live on 5.00 loaves of bread?

Are they so stupid and gullible, that they will gleefully support their own distruction?

Obama's tax the rich, tax the corporations and spend 2x what you take in policy will leave little to the children of the people in this photo.

I wonder if they realize that the kids they have, will grow up in a nation buried in debt, mired in stagnant job growth, and a lower standard of living for most as a result of the failed policies of the guy they think it's "cool" to support now?

What a sad, sick joke on them eh?
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