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Kenyan: Not Ready to Release Saved Oil to Lower Gas Prices

No he'll just wait till we're a bit closer to election time, it'll be great plus the media have bragging power and propaganda to keep him in power over us.

Saying that he was not prepared to make news, President Barack Obama on Wednesday told Newsmax and other online news organizations that he was not yet ready to announce the release of Strategic Petroleum Reserve to ease rising gasoline prices for struggling Americans.

I dont engage in a SPR release lightly, the president declared in an impromptu appearance at the White House Personal Finance Online Summit on Wednesday.
Obama: Not Ready to Release Saved Oil to Lower Gas Prices
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Sad part is, by the time he plans on dumping some oil into the market, it will have little effect on the economy.

See, right now, everyone in business is watching this economy like a hawk.

We have all cut our expenses to the bone, and even in the face of increasing orders, will just offer over time, rather than hire a new or additional workers, since we do not know what will happen healthcare cost wise, and absolutely, the cost of shipping, as well as raw materials has gone up, and not just a tiny bit, but by a substantial amount.

You see it in the cost of food and energy now.

What most folks are not paying attention to is the rise in the cost of EVERYTHING that will really start to show up quick here in the next few months as stocks of stuff bought at lower cost, are used up, and those stocks have to be replenished, and the new, higher prices will drive up the already higher prices...

It's called inflation, and we have been revising, hiding, and re-calculating the figures to lull folks into a false sense of security that it's not there.

Nevermind that your fuel prices are up 3x.
Nevermind that your eggs, milk and bread prices are up 3x.
Nevermind that rent prices are up 20% this year.
Nevermind that home values are down 15% this year.
Nevermind that credit card intrest rates are skyrockting.
Nevermind that you have not had a raise in 6 years.

Or that the USD is down in value since 2008, while it's over three times more liquid in the market... (Supply and demand, the first thing they teach at economics... nevermind it! Balderdash! The Fed knows better, and so does Obama...)

Nevermind US Citizens, nothing to see here... Move along.. LOL
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Talking Here's what I think !

Maybe we should of had higher fuel prices along time ago as everything is going great guns now !
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Yep, you and Chu. (And the EU.)

Higher prices, and why not push more people to live in cities, and use trains, buses and other public transportation?

Heck, just make private cars so expensive, that only a few select rich folk can afford them.

It's not like out here in the West, we need to get anywhere, or will mind all moving into a few blocks of city to coexist in right? LOL
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