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Three California Inmates Released on 'Medical Parole

The liberals do love rapists, killers, and such like minded people as themselves that they want voting rights for them, but does the average American know these disposables have the best healthcare in the world?

These are only three of how many more?

What do you think of a man who is a repeat violent offender? A man who used a vehicle to run down his victim, then proceeded to beat her, kidnap her and rape her? Do you think this man needs to be in prison?

Im going to tell you, in my opinion, that answer is overwhelmingly yes. Without a shadow of a doubt.

This man is real. His name is Steven Martinez, hes 42 years old, and presently, he is in Corcoran State Prison in California serving a sentence of 157 years to life. Ten years ago, he got into a knife fight with another prisoner and his spine was severed, leaving him paralyzed from the neck down.

Read more: Catch & Release: 'Medical Parole' for Violent Inmates? -
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Wonder if they have discharged anybody for hemorrhoids. In prison, wouldn't that be considered an STD?
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A guard should let him roll down a flight of stairs or something. It would save us a buch of money and nobody would care about someone like that anyway. Just say his leg slipped off and caught under the wheel and homie did a hedder right down the steel stairs. Oops.
United We Stand.. Divided We Fall.. Into the pits of socialism
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