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1st Amendment Rights Vs. Those Of the 2nd

The 1st Amendment and Nosy Doctors

Or First amendment rights versus those of the Second. Or what's good for the goose is good for the gander. I stuck this ray of sunshine up on another forum and thought to stick it up here as well.

Apparently that the Brady Center likes to hide behind some Constitutional rights while dismantling others.

""This gun lobby-backed gag law is a clear violation of the First Amendment rights of doctors and patients to discuss the severe risks posed by guns in the home, particularly to children," Brady Center President Paul Helmke said in a statement."


Seems the Brady center is suing over Florida's gag order on doctors asking about firearms rights in the home. This has more ominous implications as may be seen deeper in the article with doctors refusing patients and insurance companies adjusting premiums in order to sock it to firearms households.

...the American Academy of Pediatrics, a party to the suit, claimed the law would do harm because pediatricians should be able to provide "anticipatory guidance" to prevent injury to children.

I don't know about you guys but I don't need my doctor giving me unsolicited anticipatory guidance for anything not directly related to proper health maintenance. Next thing you know he'll be providing "anticipatory guidance" for investment portfolios or how to vote in the next general election. After all, one's investments and voting decisions have implications for whether or not he starves in coming years and starving could be said to be unhealthy.

Just think of the "anticipatory guidance" that could be forced on us by the following people in our lives if we begin to accept allowing others to think for us.

Water Meter Reader
Next Door Neighbor
Auto Mechanic
Insurance Agent

And last but definitely not least: Government Bureaucrat.

Personally, the only "anticipatory guidance" I'm looking for is on Sunday morning in the preacher's sermon and even then I'll consider his sources.
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