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Isn't Iowa Too White and 'Far Right' to Pick the GOP Nominee?

On the front page of Monday’s Washington Post, political reporters Karen Tumulty and Philip Rucker insisted Iowa is too white and too “far right” to pick the Republican presidential nominee against Obama:

When the rest of the country is focusing on the economy, will Republicans in other states take their lead from the outcome of an eccentric process that has been dominated by social conservatives? And as the GOP looks to defeat an African American president who mobilized record numbers of young and minority voters four years ago, how relevant are the preferences of 200,000 or so caucusgoers in a rural state that is overwhelmingly white and significantly older than average?

Tumulty and Rucker don’t answer the obvious flaw in this quibble: in which primary state will the liberal media not antagonize the GOP primary electorate as too overwhelmingly white? South Carolina? They can’t argue New Hampshire isn’t overwhelmingly white – but liberals like that state’s distaste for social issues, and the open primary that favors the McCains
WaPo: Isn't Iowa Too White and 'Far Right' to Pick the GOP Nominee? |
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Are Texas Conservatives toooo Middle of the Road to support Perry ?
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