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Legality question - Maybe?

I've read the following from “Survivors” SKS FAQ

Specifically the parts that say "Title 18 USC § 925(e): A law that allows Curio &Relic firearms to be imported—even those like Yugoslavian Type 59/66 Rifles that might otherwise be in violation of Title 18 USC § 925(d)(3). Despite the fact that the rifle is already here, almost anytime you modify your C&R rifle it loses C&R status and you'll need to comply with 922(r) and the 1994 AWB." (note , red is mine)

And "Can’t I just modify an SKS Carbine I already own, after all it’s already been imported?
Title 18 USC § 922(r) prohibits “any person to assemble from imported parts any Semiautomatic rifle or any shotgun which is identical to any rifle or shotgun prohibited from importation under Title 18 USC § 925(d)(3).” Put another way, it is illegal for anyone to assemble a semiautomatic rifle or shotgun domestically that would be prohibited from import were import attempted. The only way to know for sure if a particular configuration is legal is to write ATF and ask. Don’t be bashful—ATF has said that they will not publish a list because anyone can write them and ask if a particular configuration is legal.
Remember that Title 18 USC § 922(r) made it illegal to build any firearm prohibited from importation under Title 18 USC § 925(d)(3). See the explanation of “identical”. "

My question is this: I have a Yugo 59/66A1 that is completly "as is" with one exception. I removed the metal butt plate and put on a 2" rubber extension. It is completely revesable. Is this legal?

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Forgot to add that this is a "screw-on" addition, not a "slip-on". FWIW: I really don't see a problem and I'm not paranoid - just curious. The 2" extension just helps the SKS more shootable for me. If I had to - I'd put the old butt plate on and buy a slip on.
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I would think it would be legal.

Contact the proper authorities to make sure, but they do allow most minor modifications like scope mounts, new sights, firing pin, etc. without having to replace your 5 922(r) parts.

My only question is: Why not just go with a slip on? I have a leather slip-on on my mosin nagant, the leather lools really nice with the woodgrain stock and the felt recoil is MUCH lighter.
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Moved this thread to Gun Laws . . . you'll get more answers that way.

I can't address you're particular issue, but it's an interesting one (though any gun law issues are dangerous ones).

The one thing I can contribute is that reading the C&R laws alone may be misleading, since original, full-auto, AK-47's could technically be considered C&R's . . . yet they're obviously not. The devil is in the details, and the details are the voluminous Federal Regulations and ATF enforcement policies.

Calling the authorities is a good idea, but won't protect you from other authorities. I'd want confirmation in writing.

Just saying.
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It seems to me that the regs intention is that you cannot assemble a functioning rifle from imported parts, if the rifle cannot be legally imported as a complete functioning rifle. Since your rifle was already legally imported as a functionimg rifle, adding parts to make it work better for you ergonomicly doesn't violate the rules. SKS's with standard configuration wood stocks are still legally importable. It might be another story if you put a pistol grip stock on it, then the section 922 rules apply.
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Read this
A butt pad is not a regulated part, just the butt stock and if your not "modifying" an assault rifle don't worry.
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