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Chris Christy Not The Conseverative You Want

He supports Obama Care, gun control, and global warming. I get it when it comes to spending and getting nose to nose, but there is more to this guy than what you see on TV.

Mark Levin puzzled by Ann Coulter’s bizarre endorsement of Chris Christie, who supports gun control, amnesty, Obamacare and climate legislation The Greenroom

Christie, on Fox News, talks gun control | Capitol Quickies
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Thanks for posting this Carbine85
Makes ya glad you're not in N.J.

Christie, on Fox News, talks gun control
Posted on October 27, 2009 by Michael Symons Republican gubernatorial nominee Chris Christie made appearances on Monday night and Tuesday morning on GOP-friendly Fox News Channel — and used part of the first appearance to tell the Republican base about his support for certain gun control measures.

In an interview Monday night with Sean Hannity, Christie agreed with the host that New Jerseyans’ tax burden (at all levels) amounts to 60 percent of their income. He talked about the candidacy of Chris Daggett and the visits from President Barack Obama and about unemployment and the economy.

Asked if there are issues on which he’s moderate or to the left, he said, “I favor some of the gun control measures we have in New Jersey” and was interrupted by Hannity shaking his head and saying, “Bad idea.”

Christie: “We have a densely populated state and there’s a big handgun problem in New Jersey. Now, I don’t support all the things that the governor supports, by a long stretch. But on certain gun control issues, looking at it from a law enforcement perspective, seeing how many police officers were killed — we have an illegal gun problem in New Jersey.”

Hannity: “Should every citizen in your state be allowed to get a licensed weapon if they want one?”

Christie: “In New Jersey, that’s not going to happen, Sean.”

Hannity: “Why?”

Christie: “Listen, with the Democratic Legislature that we have, there is no way those type of things –”

Hannity: “Would you support it?”

Christie: “Listen, at the end of the day, what I support are common sense laws that will allow people to protect themselves. But I also am very concerned about the safety of our police officers on the streets. Very concerned. And I want to make sure that we don’t have an abundance of guns out there.” He then finally extricated himself from the issue and turned the focus back to the economy.
four more years.....groan.
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Sounds to me like he would support handgun control. The police are worried about being shot well so are the citizens. Illegal gun problem's are not the fault of legal gun owners and people who carry concealed.
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Yep, 2nd Amendment is what I base all political considerations first. Then go from there.
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