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hello from lawn guyland

hello everyone. i'm from lawn guyland so we're subject to all sorts on unintelligible limitations on our rights to bear arms. no mags over ten rounds unless they're pre-ban, limitations on firearms that have a pistol grip and removable mag - no adjustable stocks, bayo lugs, no flash hiders. pretty much the 94 awb.

personally i've owned way too many guns and have tried just about everything. of that the ak is simply my favorite rifle. maybe for it's utilitarian value, maybe for it's simplicity, maybe for it's durable construction - i can't truly say. that being said i collect ak's like a frog collecting flys.

i had a mini 14 before and must say it didn't really float my boat. i like the look of it and the similarities in appearance to the m14 but it consistently jammed on me, ftf, fte, stovepipes, the whole shebang. i got tired of futzing with the mags and such so out it went.

since then i decided to jump into the mini pool again this time with a stainless mini 30 that was in a disgusting bullpup stock. i've since ditched the bullpup stock and gone with the traditional ruger black polymer. naturally the rifle had been abused. no cleaning in god knows when. rear sight components missing. two pathetic promag nickel 10 rounders that suck. so basically my work is cut out for me.

i plan to give it a good scrub and lube tonight. i've ordered the rear sight piece and three ruger 5 round oem mags. i know 5 sucks but i don't believe there's a ruger oem 10 rounder and i just don't want to play the mag guessing game anymore.

all this being said as an avid reader and topic sponge i appreciate the opportunity to delve into all the material here.
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I can see were gonna' get some good replys and posts from you already. Stick around awhile you might like it.
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thank you kindly sir. i appreciate the sentiment and will do my best to live up to the membership's expectations.
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Howdy and welcome from AZ


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