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Rare Southport Mini 14

As requested here are pictures of the Southport Model I found. Rifle is in excellent condition.

It came with the original box, warranty card and curiously enough a 181 series manual. I believe the original owner sent the rifle back to Ruger for service in 1980 as there is a postage stamp on the box from 1980. I suspect the manual was provided then.

Serial number is 180-00783.

Ruger records department advised the rifle was sold January 1975.

Attached Thumbnails
Rare Southport Mini 14-mini-14-1.jpg   Rare Southport Mini 14-mini-14-2.jpg   Rare Southport Mini 14-mini-14-14.jpg   Rare Southport Mini 14-mini-14-13.jpg   Rare Southport Mini 14-mini-14-12.jpg   Rare Southport Mini 14-mini-14-11.jpg  

Rare Southport Mini 14-mini-14-7.jpg   Rare Southport Mini 14-mini-14-6.jpg   Rare Southport Mini 14-mini-14-5.jpg   Rare Southport Mini 14-mini-14-3.jpg  

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good looking mini lapietra
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When I looked up my 181-xxxxx book on line, it was for the 182 series. I think it's like numbering the Century- 21st for the 2000's, etc.
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That's a very cool looking rifle. I like the appearance of those original receivers.
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Would almost buy it for the sights......
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