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Will hard primers break Mini 30 firing pin?

Recently I obtained a case of Eastern Block 7.62x39mm ammo to shoot in my Mini 30. Because of their hard primers I have had a lot of misfires. I ordered a Wolff XS hammer spring in order fix this problem, but am now concerned the extra spring power will break the firing pin on the Mini 30. Does anybody have experience with breaking the firing pin on a Mini due to hard primers?
Any ideas would be welcomed.
Good shooting to you, dgang
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Never a problem, been doing it for many years. I'd recommend using an extra power Wolff recoil spring also, some of that ammo may hang up in your mag due to the coating that's on the casings.
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Mountaim William, Thanks for the reply. Your"s along with others have helped make up my mind to install the Wolff spring. Going out to test it today. Good shooting to you, dgang
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Grab a spare $32 add a heavy spring due to harder primers, use an old fork and a vise to change out spring (easy as pie) and you're good to go.

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