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Improved Mini-14 accuracy PART II

On my first thread I explained that I had a 188 series Mini-14 RR. Accuracy was horrid. I then went on a quest to improve this in steps and now have pictures to back up what I have found. After installation of a HOGUE OD overmolded stock and a ACCUSTRUT LT groups improved tremendously as verified in the picture.

As you see this made a fair group of 2 inches at 75 yards but with one flyer. This was done with cheap Russian ammo 56gr steel cases. I then decided to install the Choate flash suppressor and this is where it all became interesting.

These groups were fired with my own handloads.
Remington cases
Winchester small rifle primers
HVarget 26.2 grains
Sierra 60 grain Varminters
2.550 COL

as you can see 1 3/4 inches!!!! The next group is 10 minutes later. PMC M193 and terrible!!!!

4 1/4 inches from factory ammo. Both 5 shot groups i allowed 5 seconds between shots.... Any thoughts???
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I would also like to add this was done today from a prone position supported with a sandbag. I wonder what kind of improvement could be achieved with a trigger job and handloading match grade ammo??? And I am wondering what the hell makes the Mini so ammunition sensitive or is PMC that bad?
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I'm sure you meant 2.250 , not 2.550

Its the most ammunition sensitive piece I own . Must have something to due with how the harmonic node works in the gun . Try backing off the Varget a bit if you haven't worked up to where you are now . Generally , but not with all bullets I've tried , My 581 Mini groups the best at the lower loading ranges . Of coarse YMMV
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Is it a 1-7" twist barrel? I had horrid results with many different brands of 55-grain ammo, so bad I was ready to get rid of my 186 Mini. I read elsewhere in several posts here about the 1-7" barrels not doing well with lighter bullets.

Today I shot 69-grain Black Hills Match HP and groups shrank considerably. Had a hard time keeping 4" with the lighter bullets and now shoots around 3/4" with the heavier bullets. That's at 25 yards with open sights, me seated at a table resting on my elbows (no sandbags), which is pretty good for my old eyes.

The lighter bullets do fine in my 195 Ranch with a 1-9" twist, but the faster twist definitely favors the heavier bullets.
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My Son shot a 5 shot group just short of a 100 yards with hand tuned Ammo loaded by me. 55gr. Sierra varminter ahead of 23gr. H335. COL was 2.250. Barrel twist 1:9. You could cover this group with a dime. He shot it from the prone supported off of sandbags. It was witnessed by 3 people, also shooting Mini-14. I would have posted it on the Forum but it was not a 100 yard shot as requested for the record. I can't do it myself, I might put 2 in the same hole and 3 scattered. I guess I'm to old and shaky. My Mini is a 580 series. We were shooting at 80 yards. That's all the room we had. We were actualy zeroing the Scope. At 25 yards, it will bunch them right on top of each other.

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Ranch rifle accuracy

I have an inherited 187 Series Ranch Rifle with a factory installed 580 series 1:9 barrel. (The original 1:7 barrel was not installed square with the receiver). It's accuracy performance was on a PAR with the half dozen or so other Mini-14s I've owned over the years. After installing an Accu-Strut, Wilson Shock Buff, the next to the smallest powder bushing available, a Choate M-14 type front sight/flash suppressor, and with trigger pull reduced to 3.5 pounds by Clark's Custom Guns, I'm getting some decent groups. So far, it has a preference for Super-X 55 grain soft points. Five round groups, each on separate range days measure 1.0, 1.45, and 1.6 inches. My 64 grain handloads have grouped no smaller than 2.6 inches. Penetrator 62 grain rounds form Lake City, S&B, and PMC have ranged from 2.2 - 2.75 inches. I've added a 55 grain handload development job to my project list. The rifle currently sports a Leatherwood/Hi-Lux 1-4X30mm CMR scope in Millett Angle Loc Rings.
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I gave my 18"barreled old mini14 to my grandson and got a new MiniNRA and the hogue overmoulded stock and tapered heavy 16" barrel, and solved my accuracy problems in one fell swoop. I have heard of systems that cost as much as a new rifle, and the new rifle was subMOA out of the box. No fliers, nice stiff accurate barrel, just another solution to the older mini's problems. I love the new rifle never regret the upgrade.
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