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Gun Stores in Missouri, KC area.

I've checked a few gun stores in the KC area:

Showmeshooters- Claycomo, MO.
Armsmart USA- Independence, MO.
US Gun Specialties- Gladstone, MO.
Great Guns- Kearney, MO.
The Armory- Kearney, MO.
G.U.N.S. Unlimited- Gladstone, MO.
A&J Gunsmithing- Raytown, MO.

There were a few others shops, but I can't remember them all.

The only stores with any inventory (rifles, pistols, shotguns) were Showmeshooters and US Gun Specialties. Armsmart USA had quite a selection, but when a store has a Romanian AK is $700 and a Mosin-Nagant is $150 (basic MN), they aren't worth talking about. Great Guns has an inventory of Shotguns and Bolt Rifles, and a few semi-autos. But the guy behind the counter is almost always an ass, his help should be running the store, not him. Pistols were only basic, and pricey.

The Armory in Kearney looked almost barren when it came to guns, but they had a ton of firearm accessories and clothes (tacticool clothes). Another barren shop (and I mean almost completely Barren) was G.U.N.S. Unlimited. He should change the shops name to "G.U.N.S. Limited", as his walls were nearly bare of all things firearms. A&J Gunsmithing also had a limited stock. But then again, they're primarily a Gunsmith, not a retailer.

There were so many other stores I walked into and the walls were bare, the cases empty, and only a few targets on the rack that I couldn't possibly list them all, it would take hours and a few more trips out to make sure I'm not mixing anything up.

I've written this up as a Missouri-side rating of these stores because quite frankly, inventory in western MO is almost non-existent. It took me three tries to find a Mini-14, and even then it was pricey. GOOD, affordable handguns are also becoming rare. You can always ditch quality and say "I'll try and fix it up", but even the fixer-uppers are starting to become scarce. Hopefully this panic ends soon, it's driving potential first-time buyers like myself absolutely mad trying to find affordable and decent quality firearms.
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Your post is not unusal at this time. And may continue for many months.
Yet from the news comments as to future empolyment it looks bad
and although the guns were brough before the mortage collaspe people
out of work, will start to sell things to buy food, gas, and other necessaries
and guns fall into this catagory. Just wait
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Few months back I was in a gunshop in St. Louis. It had an indoor range, dont recall the name. They had a decent selection of handguns, the long guns were pretty picked over. The staff were well armed and courteous. Picked up a few kimber mags at a reasonable price.

The shop I like here in IL has a few AKs, some SKS's, a few more than they used to cost. Even have some of those twelve hundred dollar ARs! I picked up a mossberg persuader on trade in for my old Mossberg 500A.

Hang in there folks, the guns will flood back into th market as things get tight. I just hope none of them are ours!

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Was it Top Gun in Imperial (just off I-55)? I don't get to their neck of the woods often, but it's a great place. Their staff is about as friendly and knowledgeable as any place I've ever visited, anywhere (and I always try to stop in at gun shops when I travel).

On the other (northern) end of the St. Louis area, Mike's Guns in St. Charles is tops on price, selection (despite it being in a tiny space), and service. They're thriving despite being surounded by Bass Pro and Cabela's.

In St. Louis proper, there's only ONE gun shop (Bull's Eye). It has only a very small selection (mostly used), but has an indoor range (that's the main focus of their business).

Closer to St. Louis, Kirkwood Outfitters has the best staff. A couple of months ago, they had almost no semi-auto rifles left, and maybe half their normal stock of pistols. Told me they couldn't get anything from their suppliers, and the suppliers said they were having a very hard time getting anything from the manufacturers.

Also closer to town, Mid America Arms has a decent selection, but last time I stopped in they were picked over, too.
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I live in St. Louis county and Denny Dennis in Fenton has a good supply of hunting guns not much in the way of sks and other tac guns. They do have lots of new Smith & Wesson pistols at reasonable prices.
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Good point!

The folks there are very helpful, but like you said, they're much more hunting-oriented on long guns.

That said, they're the first (and one of the only places locally) where I've seen the Kel-Tec SU-16 (I'd never heard of or seen it before). The guy behind the counter explained and demonstrated it very well (after a lot of subsequent research, I can't fault anything he said, and have found little more).

I passed though, because I was there to pick up a Mini!

I also think their supply of maintenance supplies beats everyone else in the area (e.g., it's the only place where I was able to find gun grease).

P.S.: Welcome aboard!
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Update on Great Guns in Kearney, they have moved to Liberty Mo. about 5 or so miles down 35, you take the 291 exit to the outer road they are over by Rogers sporting Goods. They now have a larger store and a very good selection of firearms and ammo. The people are are still funny at times but thats just how they are other than that they are normally nice people.
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I was born and grew up in North Kansas City. You guys are blessed to have so many good gun stores around. Now that I live in Naples, Florida we have exactly one gun shop to choose from. Not much better up in Ft. Myers, but at least there's a Bass Pro Shop with a pretty decent gun department.
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