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Central Indiana...

I'm from Tipton, the garden spot of Indiana !
Bill Tidler Jr.
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north central

Up here in Cass to this forum but over 40 years of shooting experience. LEO and civilian firearms instructor, semi-retired. Shot competitively for many years now shoot just for fun, mostly at our local club. When active i shot NRA Action Pistol, trap and skeet, as well as a bit of IDA and steel.
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Originally Posted by roach68 View Post
Any body know of any good gun shows coming up in the southern Indiana area, maybe as far north as Indy?
Gun shows here used to be good ones. Now they are more of a rummage sale.
What guns and ammo are there are higher priced than I can get in the gun shops.
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Originally Posted by DocWagon View Post
No big loss. There's lots of GOOD gun stores around the state. Best Mom & Pop shop I've ever been in is outside of Austin, IN in Scott county. 256 Sport & Garden. If you're ever in the area stop in and check them out. Bring your credit card or cash, excellent prices on used and many new guns. Kiesler's is a pretty good place to poke around in too, down in Jeffersonville. They've got contracts with police departments around the country to sell their used and confiscated guns. When we retire we can purchase our service pistol if we elect to, but the check is made out to Kiesler's.
Is Don's Guns still in business?

Use to have hilarious commercials on TV.
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Originally Posted by Sten View Post
I am the first flat lander to post and I claim this thread in the name of the free state of Indiana.

IN real news....

If you live near La Porte IN go check out the Kingsbury shooting range (219-393-1128 for directions and information), you will not be disappointed.
Awesome place to shoot. All you need is paper. They've got staplers and targets for their rifle ad pistol range. They have four or five distances on the pistol range I think from 10-50 yards ( I don't own a pistol and I've only shot the pistol range a few times) and the rifle/slug range has about eight to ten stations at 50 yards and four at the 100 yard. They have a skeet section that is quite large and even have a few spring launchers they'll loan out for free. They also have a bow range with multiple targets. On site bathrooms, not port-a-johns, so if you gotta take a dump, you're good to go. They don't take kind to rapid fire but I haven't heard of a range around here that does. $5 bucks well worth it.
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