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Sage EBR Chassis question

Hello PU Members!

I've got a question about the Sage EBR Chassis.

I have the M14ALCS model, which comes with a telescoping buttstock and adjustable cheek rest.

Of course, the Sage EBR chassis is extremely well-made. And, for the most part, I think it's one of the best M14/M1A chassis upgrades on the market.

However, truth be told, I have an issue with being able to acquire a nice sight picture with the iron sights. You see, even when the adjustable cheek rest is in it's lowest position, my head is too scrunched down for it to be comfortable shooting with irons.

I do realize the Sage EBR chassis is primarily designed for use with optics. But, I find the fact that my iron sights are a challenge to see to be an issue (YMMV).

Now, I see there are other Sage EBR chassis models that come with other buttstock options (collapsible and fixed). Can the model I have be modified to become one with the collapsible buttstock? Or, must this be decided upon when the chassis is purchased?

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Maybe I can help.

The M14ALCS makes it impossible for most to acquire the irons,
this is why I had no problem giving up the iron sights on my Mod 0.

The PMRI has the Magpul PRS2 butt stock and it does go low enough
for you to acquire the irons and high enough for most optics... very nice.

The M14ALCS/CV uses the M4 receiver extension tube and it sits
low enough to allow easy acquisition of the iron sights, but you
must be careful what but stock is used - any cheek riser will make
it impossible to acquire the irons.

My CQB-16 EBR is in a M14ALCS/CV with an LMT SOMPMOD butt stock.
I have an Aimpoint T1 on an LT660HK mount that I had customized
with an iron sight tunnel. This allows use of the irons and the red dot
with only a slight adjustment of my head.

My modification is not perfect just yet, but that will change as soon
as I have time to file a little more material away from the bottom of
the sight tunnel.

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Thanks for the great write-up and show-n-tell of your personal set-up on your M14ALCS/CV. The mod you made to your LT660HK mount for your Aimpoint T1 looks very handy.

Also, I am tracking with your explanation of having to slightly adjust your head. You see, I have an AR-15 that's set-up with a fixed 4x optic on the carry handle, and all I have to do is make a minor adjustment (up) with my head to grab the scope, and a minor adjustment (down) to grab the irons. This too is very handy.

I'm glad it wasn't just me who has problems with seeing the irons with the M14ALCS model. Frankly, I've been a little perplexed why Sage would build such a fantastic and solid chassis for the M14 platform, and take away one's ability to use iron sights in an effective manner.

Again, the Sage EBR Chassis is great. But, I've gotta have my irons to fall back upon, if my scope/optics fail.

Anyway, I was hoping I could send my Sage EBR Chassis in for a retrofit.

Also, I've seen that Vltor now makes the RE-EBR (Sage EBR Stock Adapter). I was wondering if this can be added to my M14ALCS/CV. Admittedly, it's pricey. But, I'd like to try to make the Sage EBR Chassis work for my own wants/needs.

Anyway, I'm going to do some more research, make some phone calls to the manufacturers, and see what I can turn-up.

As always, thanks for the input and advice.

Lastly, as usual, your rifles are simply inspirational. Spot-on, bro!
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Yes, you can order just about any butt stock you want from SAGE now (as long as it's black) and make the changes yourself.

This is probably the best and most cost effective way for you to get what you want.

Parts list of SAGE/EBR items:


V2 EBR trigger shoe by EXTREME

NAVY MK 14 EBR multi-tool by BONDHUS


M14SCSB: Stripper Clip Sight Base

M14DCSB: Detachable Cantilevered Sight Base

M14REN: 4 Rails Engraved with Numbers

M14VFG: Verticle Fore-Grip

M14APRS: Adaptor Picatinny Rail Section for VFG

M14ERGO: ERGO pistol grip for M14ALCS-HB

M14ACC: Full Auto Cut-Out Cover

M14BEK: Butt Extension Kit for M14ALCS-HB

M14VABEK/ALCS: Vertical Adjustable Butt Extension Kit

M14VABEK/PMRI: Vertical Adjustable Butt Extension Kit

M14ALCS-BS: Butt Stock Assembly

M14ALCS/CV-BS: Butt Stock Assembly

M14ALCS/PMRI-BS: Butt Stock Assembly

PMRI-MR: Monopod Rail

PMRI-FR: Sling Attachement

My Mod 0 is finished, but I would order a Mod 2 butt stock for it if they made a grey one available to the public.

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Thanks, H2O MAN!

I'll look into these options.

I'll be calling SAGE to see if/how I can swap-out my buttstock.

Thanks again!
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