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norinco m14 scope mount ????

help here !!!! I hav a norinco m14 and a millett 6-25x50 scope and need a mount that WILL fit my reciver ..... dose anyone have any suggestions ??? I bought a cheeper one on ebay .... with some dremmel work i got the toungs of the mount to fit the grooves of the reciver however..... the centerline of the mount is too far right ... so im looking for something that is made to fit the grooves propperly .... most of the mounts are pretty pricey and to an extent price is a lil bit of an issue but not too much !!! so please help if you can thanks
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SEI & SADLAK are your best options with a traditional stock.

DO NOT buy the cheap stuff.
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I have the Basset Machine M14/M1A scope mount. Made in TX. This is the only mount that lets you remove and put back on with no loss of zero. I was skeptical but it works. I take mine off all the time. Just one mounting bolt and has a torque wrench supplied so you always torque the mounting bolt the same. You can get it with or without picitanny rail or low or high (lets you still able to use the iron sights with scope mount on). I love this scope mount!
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I have a Polytech M14-S... how much is the Basset mount?
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Check out the new CASM from M14.CA


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