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M1A for Hunting

My SA M1A is the standard synthetic with national match barrel. I have it set up pretty nice with an SEI scope mount and forward rails, and I have a GG&G bipod (very sturdy) and Leupold 6x18 scope. It is a good rifle but I do not know if it is accurate enough to hunt with. My shooting is limited to 100 yards generally. The furthest I have fired this rifle is 150 yards due to range limitations but I am in the process of joining a gun club with ranges out to 600 yards. Lately I have been trying to simplify and condense my collection to having a firearm for each role. I am in the process of building an ultra-accurate varmint/long range AR and my 20" varmint upper should be in by the end of the week and my lower and optics are all ready to go. This AR and my M1A are my only long range guns, but the AR won't suffice for hunting medium sized game such as deer and hogs. Were limited to slugs here in Illinois and I have a good slug gun, but I want to start expanding my huting to other states and go for some hogs and deer in other rifle states. I am also in the process of working on a move to North Dakota to work in the oil fields. After being in North Dakota and Montana last month, long range accuracy is the name of the game out there and I realized that I will need an adequate long range rifle in a decent caliber out there. I would like to keep with .308 since I have it already. When I get more into the long range game and want to do some long range shooting and big game long range hunting, I will probably put together a nice rifle in a magnum caliber like 300 remington ultra mag, but I am not ready for that right now. Since I am trying to simplify my collection, I want to either make my M1A accurate enough without making it any heavier than it already is. If this is not possible, then I am going to buy a bolt gun in .308. The remington 700 XCR long range tactical is calling my name, but if I can get my M1A to shoot 1 moa out to at least 600 yards, then I would rather stick with that. I love my M1A and if I get the remington 700, then I would probably have to get rid of the M1A since my gun safe is full and I am trying to simplify my collection.

Now that you guys understand my predicament/situation, is it possible to accurize my M1A to where I need it? I am not to worried about cost since I have plenty of dough in the rifle already and a new one wouldnt be cheep either. I have seen some of those troy stocks and JAllen stocks. I still want to maintain a semi-original looking rifle, so while those troy stocks are nice, I don't want a rifle with a pistol grip, so that kind of rules them out. I like the look of the J.Allen stocks and wouldn't mind a rifle that looked like that but I hear they are heavy as hell. I like the aluminum bedding blocks, which I feel are the new thing and is superior to glass bedding due to the fact that glass bedding wears out. Is it possible to keep my existing stock and accurize the rifle, or would I have to get a new stock? What else would I have to do?

For reference, after shooting my existing rifle off the bech at 100 yards, the best groups I was able to get were about 2 inches. I havent tried any really good ammo, such as federal match king or something like that, but I guess I should. The ammo I used to get those groups was Remington 150 gr. core lok soft points and magtech 150gr fmj factory reloads. Neither ammo was noticibly better than the other in regards to accuracy, but both of them were better than a few other types I tried. I guess I should try a few different types of ultra-premium ammo like black hills and federal and see how that works. Sorry for the lengthy post guys. You know how these gun dilemmas are, somplicated and always on your mind. Any information on anything I posted will be greatly appreciated.

Here is the JAE stock I referred to:
Manufacturer of Precision Rifle Stocks | J. Allen Enterprises, Inc. (JAE)
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It's plenty accurate, and more accurate than a good many bolt guns. I'd stick with the M1A. For long range work with a 7.62 you will probably be the limiting factor. Know your bullet drops at various ranges and practice range estimation using a laser range finder. The M1A is expensive and heavy compared to a hunting bolt rifle or it would be more common out in the field. And some states don't allow hunting with semi, or even rifles for that matter. If you like your M1A then keep it and use it would be my vote.
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.308 can kill a deer at 600 yards, and a good M1A can make that shot, provided you do your part.

wouldn't want to try and humanely drop a big hog or elk with .308 at that range though.
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The 308 is a great caliber for just about anything in north America - with the exception of bear.

With elk or moose I would be very slective of the weight and type of bullet.

As for hog and deer, a 150 grain remington core-lokt will get the job done.

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Thanks for the info guys. I guess before I make a decision I should get out to that long range and stretch it out and see how it does. You know I have the gun disease and am always looking for a reason to buy something new but regardless of what I end up doing I dont think I am going to part with my M1A
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I have done some hog hunting with my SOCOM, and with my M1A loaded. While accurate enough, they are just too dang heavy.
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M1a is great for hunting. Especially pigs where a semi-auto platform with decent capacity can come in real handy in a pinch.
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Thnaks for the input guys. I love my M1A I don't think I can get rid of it, although I am going to get a bolt action .308 also. Im thinking a remington 700 xcr long range tactical, when I can track one down. I like the idea of having both a semi auto scoped .308 and a bolt action .308. The only way I would get rid of the M1A is if I bought another PTR 91, but the one with the longer barrel and scope mount on top. I have my current ptr 91F set up as my battle rifle with one of the surplus Henslodt 4x scopes. That is awesome as well PTRs are good rifles. Sorry for getting off topic
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the 308 is a great one! took me a while but i got the hang of it
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I have used my standard, a mossy oak model for deer and hogs. For deer I used federal blue box ammo, worked great. For hogs not so great. I would not hesitate to use it on elk, moose, black bear. Just use the correct bullet, like a TSX, or Partition in the 150 to 168 grain range. Folks use the same cartridge or lesser all the time. The only drawback is the weight of the rifle, if you are stand hunting or posting not a big deal. Now it would not be my pick for a mountain hunt and such.
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I uitlisé my M1A in 7mm08 warheads 168grs has 1000 yards
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