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Did Polytech/Norinco make all three version's?Which one is better-Polytech or norinco and which model-M1A1,M14 orM14s?I was looking at one at a gun store but didn't notice if it was a Polytech or Norinco,or which model.It did have a solid M14 flashider though.They have another one at their other store I'm going to check it out Monday.I know about the soft bolt problem.Is there anyway to check for this without a head space gauge??Thank's for any help.
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By the time you spend the money to fix up a Polytech/Norinco you could have got a Springfield and been Happy!
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Had a polytech, it fired alright, accuracy so so, now have a springfield. Much happier with the springfield
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Like the old saying goes:

You get what you pay for!

I have a Springfield and would did not even look anywhere else!

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I have two of them and while they aren't as pretty as the SA, they do get the job done. I mainly use mine for beaters---when I know they will probably get dinged up. I have a scoped out one and a open sight M14S. I like them, for the money-$500 apiece they were worth it

YOu might check on battlerifles.com and ar15.com, they have alot of info in the search catagory
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PLZ take the advise and buy a springfield or a fulton armory m-14 you wont regret it in the long run. I own a springfield scout nm and would not buy any thing else. norinco and poly tech soft metal problems more to fix than worth. just my 2 cents
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