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....cause almost all major world powers to change from a Main Battle Rifle, i.e. 30.06/308 etc. to an Assault type weapons like the .223/762X39 ?

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Well most of what I've seen has talked about the reduction in battle ranges to more reasonable distances. The brass felt that troops don't engage targets over 300-400 meters on an individual basis and the extra weight and power was wasted. Farther targets are engaged with crew served weapons and artillery. The assault rifle with controlled auto fire helps achieve fire power superiority and keeps the enemy pinned, allowing fire and maneuver tactics to beat the enemy.
Also lighter weightr ammo allows more to be carried. I'm not saying 223 is the ideal caliber by any means the 6.8 might be better. But thats my take on the change in 100 words or less.

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Also add to that the fact that the smaller cartridges have a tendency to wound, more than kill outright, creating a logistical burden on the enemy's army and ultimately, funding. "I may not beat you quickly, but you'll go poor fighting me, until your people lose the stomach(wallet) to fight us. I have the money to shoot for a very long time"
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