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Garand surplus ammo question

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I scrolled through and did not see the question raised.

Anyone here have any experience with the Iranian 30-06 (1960s manufacture) ammo being hawked by Samco Sales? Any good? Any problems? I recently acquired a nice 1944 Springfield Garand (rebarreled in 1954 after Korea) and I intend to get one of those gas "plugs" (sorry if I use the wrong nomenclature) to shoot commercial rounds but I wanted to get some milsurp ammo as well. I have read mixed reviews about the Greek ammo but nothing on the Iranian.

Any reviews of this? Good, bad or indifferent?
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billallen...The Iranian ammo is good to go...milspec right on...we gave this stuff to Iran, along with thousands of surplus M1's in 1965 when we were allies with the Shah and the US had converted over to the M14 and 16...Larry
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I had some of that a few years ago. I found it Berdan primed, VERY dirty to shoot, and not terribly accurate. A friend of mine ordered some ammo from Samco last year and he was very upset at the shipping cost, check that before you place an order. Also this was NOT given to Iran, but was made there, which in my book makes it suspect anyway.

For my money, I'd buy the CMP ammo. It's HXP, made in Greece, boxer primed and fully reloadable or you can sell the brass for 20 - 25 cents each, and shipping is at actual cost. I bought some last month and it's beautiful ammo, and comes in a 30 cal ammo can. Great accurate ammo and a really good price.
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Do note that current HXP attracts a magnet, and thus may be banned at some ranges.
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