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calling all M1 carbine experts!

i'm cleaning up an M1 carbine for my uncle. it has sat for years without use.

first, any general info i could get on the use, care and upkeep of these beauties would be greatly appreciated. (acceptable cleaners, suggested ammo, parts, etc). i am going to take it to a gunsmith to get a good look over, but i figure the more informed i am, the better. i want to get it into good working condition, if possible. it appears to be in great shape.

also, if i could get any info on this M1 carbine (date of manufacture, company, etc), it would be greatly appreciated.

serial # 250856. other marks include EM-0 on the bottom of the bayonet lug. "P" stamped on the grip of the stock. "AAV" stamped on the side of the stock. "M" stamped on the mag release button.

any help appreciated. thank you

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Very nice Carbine! The maker should be stamped on the top of the receiver. It has a "type 1 low wood stock", which is not the ideal stock for accuracy, but certainly looks the best. The "pot belly" (type 2) stocks with a type 3 barrel band (which you have) are supposed to be the best combination.

Attached are some useful files. The CMP used to have fairly extensive info on the Carbine on their website, but has taken them down since they no longer have Carbines (except the auction ones). The file on USGI stocks and handguards is very good for cleaning and refinishing these stocks. They come out looking great.

Carbine ammo has never been corrosive primed, so you're good to go there. Good ammo includes U.S. commercial makers (Winchester, Remington, etc.), Aguila, Prvi Partisan. USGI ammo should be good, depending on how it was stored. Avoid steel cased ammo, unless you have a spare extractor or two.

Clean with your favorite cleaning solution; no magic goop necessary. Ed's Red is good (and cheap, too!).

Magazines can be problematic. Best to stick with the 15-rounders. USGI mags in good shape are pricey now. AIM Surplus has new-production Korean-made mags. Mine have all been reliable, but some folks have had problems with them. I have also had good luck with the ProMag 15-rounders from MidwayUSA, even though ProMag's reputation is not the best. I think they got the Carbine mags right, however.
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File Type: pdf Carbine_30_Round_Magazines_September_2007.pdf (58.4 KB, 208 views)
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The manufacturers name should be stamped on top of the reciever behind the rear sight. Often times the barrel will be date stamped just aft of the front sight. The safety is rotary so I'd say that, combined with the bayonet lug make it later production.
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Very nice looking carbine. You have a lot of late features but that makes sense because the AAV is an aresenal rebuild stamp. The rear sight is a later version too and is most likely hiding the name of the manufacturer. Get a flash light and look underneath. WAR BABY is a great book on carbines if you want to start doing some more research.
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