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win 13

learning more about m1's. keep hearing about win 13's. is it special? if so what makes it special?thanks
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I am selling a G&H converted to the Marine Corps MC1 Model of 1952 configuration WIN-13, consigned to me on GunBroker right now.

They're the very last of the Winchester receivers, delivered AFTER the government advised them to cease production. They no better than Winchester's typical indifferent to mediocre quality--that is, way below SA quality--but are very rare and part of an interesting story.

Duff and Harrison differ on the parts arrays, as do some other experts, and having seen about 20 originals now, I guess, if I am not an "expert", I at least have a sort of "feel" for them. They have some very odd parts, including some that are not shown or discussed in some of the texts, one of which was an operating rod very similar to but sloppier made than an SA "-9", but TOTALLY UNMARKED except for some squiggles. I have seen a few very, very early WRA parts on others, as they were literally cleaning out the parts bins and trying to make the very last dollar.

They're interesting, but not particularly useful rifles, and quite rare.

Those who call them a "hodge-podge" are not far off.
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I would not necessarily say that WW2 SA was that much better than WW2 WRA. Fit and finish may have been cleaner at SA but that is about it. Now, post war SA were a lot nicer in my opinion. There are several reasons the WRA-13 rifles are unique. The weirdest is the serial number range which actually falls into a ser # block that was assigned to SA. Also, the serial numbers were LOWER than the previously used WRA #'s. They were also the last WRA rifles made and seem to have been put together with whatever parts were left in the bin at WRA. I think a lot of people just like the WINCHESTER roll mark too though!
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