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M1 Garrand malfunction

Hi All I have owned this gun about a year or so I have fired it on two different times Every so offten the trigger housing will un latch and come loose Naturally I would have to unload the remaining rounds and clip It
. goes back in easily and latches tight
when I go to diassemble the gun it does take quite a bit of pressure to unlatch the housing It not like the guard has lost any tension
Any ideas on what is going on Thanks
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I know this is late (hope you are still monitoring the board) it's been awhile since I been looking at the M1 Garand threads.

First off - Welcome! Saw that this was post #1 for you.

As to your trigger housing............. since you say it "goes back in easily and latches tight", I get a "dissconnect."

Try this: cut two thin strips of cardboard stock (about the thickness of a notebook cover) and put them on either side of the stock so that they are between the trigger housing and the stock. This should tighten up things and prevent your problem. A good trigger/stock fit should not go "easily" but require some effort to close. Ideally, you need some effort to close these.

If the wood in the stock is so compressed that this doesn't work, additional wood may need to be added there. As a last resort, you could buy a new stock. Please note that the "cardboard trick" will not be allowed in certain DCM competitions. It should help in the accuracy dept. though.

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