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help me value my M1, thanks

I would appreciate the help fo this forum to put a value on my M1.

It's a DCM Garand that I received after going through the program in 1994. In 1997 I sent the rifle to Old Corps Weaponry, Roland Beaver, for upgrade. He installed a new Douglas Premium .308 match barrel, new laminated stocks, match sights, new firing pin, leather sling and accurized.

Condition is perfect.

I lost my job the end of last year and need to sell. What do you think the value is and where is the best place to sell?

Thanks in advance, Greg
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The receiver is an early Springfield Armory #247165
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Check gun broker for the value of such a rifle. You have removed any real collecting value, so it will have to rest on someone who is interested in an accurate M1. Since these days Service Rifle has been mostly taken by specialized AR's, the older M1's that have been accurized are less desirable. Personally I would suspect the .308 won't be wanted as much, either, but that's just my opinion.
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Probably not relevant any more, but the .308 is VASTLY more reliable and desirable among those still shooting the Garand on the firing line. Better load, all the way around, and the rifles last MUCH longer to boot.
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Its tough to put a price on a rifle like that. It may be a situation that you have more invested than what you will be able to recoupe. Unforunately, Garands are getting to be few and far between on the High Power lines. Most people are shooting ARs these days. Also, most people that want that rifle will want to buy it new so they KNOW the history of the barrel and the condition of the glass bedding, etc. The good news is that the shooting season is getting ready to start. You may get lucky and find someone that does not want to wait for a custom rifle to be built. This would be your best bet. I would guess that it will bring around 1000$ or so. There is a McCoy on GB right now that has been listed at 1600 for months and no one is biting.
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