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Excited to share m new purchase !

Today I bought 2 new, unfired lever guns that I think are great buys. I'm interested in opinions from this forum on whether or not I got a good deal and if I should NOT fire these rifles. I think the price I paid was a steal. Someone let me know if my prices were acceptable.

I bought an unfired 1974 Marlin 336 30-30 (no box) for $300 - perfect condition
I bought an unfired 1968 Winchester Buffalo Bill 30-30 rifle for $375 - perfect condition

Me & my 2 sons will have fun hunting with these guns this Fall.

I'm looking for feedback and comments on my purchase.

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Congrats! Pics please!
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will i don't know anything about the winchester, but I have two of the marlin 336's (one was my brothers, and the others was my grandfathers, now mine) and both are amazing, i used my brothers for hog hunting ( before i got my remington 700 bdl) because he bought it new at wally world with a scope on it and he got it for 300, so i question your deal? did yours come with a burris scope? anyway its a great gun, and marlin is a good company, so much for customer service though, my grandfathers 336 that i inherited came with a bend (barely but enough to mess you up) and i have called marlin like five times at different times and still haven't got ahold of them, its like they have lunch breaks from the time they open intill they close 5 days a week!
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Thread needs more pictures.
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