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Winchester Commemorative

I have a mod 94 NRA Commemorative that I bought new in Dec of 74, About 100 rounds have gone thru it, and the gov lost the box and paperwork in a move. (Gun was cased in a vehicle with me) curious as to approximate value.
Thanks in Advance
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I have no idea about the value, but I bet this gun is beautiful gun.

And I can't pass up seeing a gorgeous gun

Pics please!!
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Winchester Commemorative

I think an unfired, in the box with papers, would go for about $7-800. A fired, no box, no papers, gun maybe $500 but it's tough to sell a used Commemorative. My friend had one on his table at a recent gun show for $595 and took it back home with him.
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Thanks for the replies, when I figure out the picture posting I will, as to value it is not really for sale as i was curious because i have never seen another one, I bought it new at the Navy Exchange at NAS Cecil Field in Jacksonville Florida for a whopping $150.00, I actually have the receipt.
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