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Talking Winchester 94 questions

Hi there,

New to the forum, but I have a question regarding my Winchester model 94 ranger. I believe this is an early 70's rifle (unsure to be honest). I've noticed that my front barrel clamp is loose (the c clamp over barrel and round holder). Can I somehow replace this? I tried tightening it with no luck, and it stays the same tightness. Also, I do have some rust spots along the length of the barrel .Any tips on fixing this ?

Thanks guys
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You can get a new barrel band and screw from Brownells.
Assuming the bluing on the rest of the barrel is good, a light penetrating oil like Kroil (also sold by Brownells) will lift the rust. Use a piece of wood as a scraper, at most 0000 steel wool.
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Thank you for the reply. I do have a few more questions - After taking a second look at my barrel clamp, there is some movement if I were to grab the barrel and tubular magazine together. Is this normal, as I am unable to tighten this? Also, I'm looking to get some sort of year range on when my rifle was made. I have taken a look at serial lookups around the internet with no luck. Prevously said, it is the Winchester 94 ranger model with no half cock hammer. There is no slide safety near the hammer.There is no checkering on any of the grips. Angle eject from the top. Any ideas?
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You cannot expect us to know when it was made without a serial number.

Rust can be removed with ATF and fine (0000) steel wool. And I like my barrel bands loose, the gun shoots more accurately.
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The barrel should not move at all, the magazine tube should be a little loose.
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